About Me

Nims Dhawan

Creating change that sticks

When I think about my past I remember being the most like me when I was a child. This would typically involve taking strange routes back from school, burying my head in a good book and losing myself into the fantastic world of children’s authors.
I lost that and a sense of self as I started work striving to ‘fit in’, trying hard with all the work I did, it was exhausting and it was not long before I started to ask:

  • Why do we do what we do?
  • Why do I find myself in the same situations over and over?

Even though I had the questions and a natural fascination about human behaviour, I had no answers and continued to develop the same patterns of behaviour and continued to exhaust myself. I got stuck in the same repeating patterns of leaving my job every two years and not really knowing why.

It was not until I changed my line of work that I realised that I was more invested in being the expert, and I was losing the sense of learning and feeding my curiosity. I changed to a different field of HR and started my training in coaching and Transactional Analysis (TA). I have more answers now than I did before, but have only scratched the surface with what I know about myself. If anything I have more questions than I did before!

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

My Approach

I look at challenges by seeking out data, considering organisational theories, and listening to the lived experiences of my clients. Organisations are complex by their very nature, and appreciating this helps us understand what might work and what might not work. There is no single solution and if it was the case that would be easy, often we require a series of well placed interventions to gain traction. I work co-creatively with my clients as they have experience and knowledge of the challenge, whilst I offer an external view and opportunity to look at alternative options which often sparks alternative solutions.

My coaching approach is one of laser focus on the underlying issue and being able to bring this to the surface, in doing so we don’t waste time on deploying strategies that deal with the symptoms. I work with clients who want long-lasting change and not a quick fix.

My natural style is straightforward, curious, and systemic as looking at the bigger picture can bring greater awareness. I support clients in finding positive exceptions to their unhelpful patterns, and build on these to create a new way forward.

My coaching and consulting involves deep exploration to gain insights and make a difference.


  • Coaching Diploma in progress (ICF)
  • Trainee Transactional Analyst (field of organisations)
  • Hogan (MVPI/HPI/HDS) Certified
  • Lumina Spark and Emotion Certified
  • BPS Registered Test User – Ability and Personality

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