What I do – Services

Coaching – Leaders

Step away from your usual patterns of behaviour and discover what renews you

Team Interventions

Find the strengths in your team and celebrate the difference

Organisational Advisory

Understanding the system you work in and how you can create better and healthier ways of working


Being a leader can be lonely, and finding a space where you can reflect without judgement is hard. People typically want to share their stories and examples when you try to talk to them, however I offer my clients a space to do their best thinking. Coaching is about listening deeply about what is going on, and asking forward moving questions. Moving forward could mean digging deeper, I coach clients who want to create change which sticks and not seek strategies to cover up or deal with symptoms. We work honestly with each other and discover options and opportunities that are hidden from view.


This is where we get to know each other more, and I can understand more about your challenges and requirements. This session gives you a taste of coaching and how we might work together. For your free chemistry session head to the contact us page.


Main body of the coaching where you focus on what you wish to achieve and I partner with you in this process. The aim here is to broaden your awareness, move towards your stated goal, identify blocks and build accountability


Review and reflection of the coaching, this is the final session where we can share feedback and celebrate progress. I offer support to help you understand how the changes and discoveries made, can be embedded in your own environment.

I don’t have any burning issues or changes I want to make, do I need a coach?

I get many clients asking about the value of a coach, coaching is not about ‘fixing’ it’s about maximising all that you have and developing or maintaining a reflective practice. The busier your mind is the more reflection you need!

Here are other areas I have coached my clients on:

  • Obtaining clarity through times of change/uncertainty or embarking on a large project
  • Access to an unbiased thinking partner and sounding board
  • Reassurance in decision-making
  • Having a judgement free safe space where you can be you
  • Dealing with transitions
  • Understanding or developing personal leadership

Working with Teams – Coaching/Interventions/Away Days

Working in small or large teams does not always come easy and we often take for granted what is really needed for a team to work as one and become collaborative. We forget that when we want collaboration then conflict will be present, yet we don’t tend to prepare for this.

Most team run into issues not due to the competency of the team but mainly due to clash in personal styles/preference and behaviours.

I enable teams to:

  • Develop psychological safety
  • Contract as a team
  • Work and celebrate individual needs and differences

I work by gathering information and data from the team, applying behavioural science, and co-creating solutions together to find a path forward. I believe through ownership we can build accountability and creating change that sticks.

The needs of the organisation can vary but typically sessions can involve:

  • Building awareness and relationships with the teams (with or without psychometrics)
  • Defining purpose and common goals
  • Identifying strengths and development areas
  • Clearing the air or difficult messaging
  • Building accountability and action plans
  • Conducting a lessons learned and celebrating successes

Contact me for a discussion so I learn more about the needs of your team.

Organisational Consulting

I bring a wealth of experience not only from my career but my own personal development in being a ICF trained coach and a trainee transactional analyst (TA) in the field of organisations.

In organisations it’s easy to see what’s observable (the behaviours), but what’s driving the behaviours is the internal psychological process which most people don’t account for. My training in TA enables me to look beyond the behaviour and how our own processes are impacting the work we do through our behaviours and how we can increase the awareness of this and then be able to choose to do things differently.

The work I do in organisations incorporates coaching, team interventions and I offer following services:

  • Organisational development, using data to drive decisions and use of diagnostics.
  • Understanding the patterns in your culture, what’s holding you back and what you can do to enhance this
  • Connecting your organisational strategy to your people strategy
  • Taking a systemic and humanistic view to your processes and programmes
  • Psychometric Assessments with teams or individual debrief (Hogan/Lumina)

My ideal clients are SMEs who typically do not have dedicated capability for OD, and I am happy to support larger organisations who want an balanced view or an alternative perspective. Contact me for a discussion so I can learn more about your organisational needs.

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